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Defective and malfunctioning machinery have historically harmed and killed many workers. Thankfully, with the advent of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), injuries and death have declined significantly from those routinely seen at the dawn of the industrial age.

However, thousands of workplace injuries and deaths still occur. Frequently, accidents are the result of equipment that is defective due to design or improper installation. In many cases, equipment and assembly lines are defective because of unduly dangerous “pinch points” in which a body part (often a hand or an arm) of a worker may get caught. Pinch points can result in significant injury, including the amputation of hands and arms.

Do Companies Place Their Employees in Harms Way?

Shockingly, in some cases, companies know (or should know) that equipment is defective in some manner, and they nonetheless fail to take action to remedy dangerous equipment. Perhaps this willful neglect is due to the comparatively small amounts that companies must pay in workers’ compensation claims compared to what they might have to pay in a civil court case, as well as the increased profits they may make y not slowing production or paying for safety changes.

While we do not represent injured employees in workers’ compensation cases, we do represent clients in actions against those who produce, design, manufacture, or sell defective machinery, and those who render machinery and equipment defective due to improper installation. We also help clients retain workers’ compensation lawyers for these injuries so that they may bring an action against their employer while we litigate against others who we believe are legally liable for their injuries.

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As with all accident injuries, it’s important to seek experienced legal counsel as soon as practical so that important evidenced can be preserved. We will want to inspect defective equipment causing the accident as soon as possible so that we can determine how the accident occurred, and who might be liable.

We accept injury cases on a contingent fee basis. You will not owe us any fee while we are litigating your case, and we will only be entitled to a fee if we are successful in recovering compensation for you.

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