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Understanding Testamentary Documents in Estate Planning

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Why is a personal injury trial lawyer and mediator putting a probate practice area on his website?

First, I have been writing testamentary documents (Last Will and Testament and Durable Power of Attorney) for 47 years.  When Kentucky recognized Living Wills, I began drafting those pursuant to our statute.  I have added Healthcare Surrogate Designations since the law has allowed. Secondly, as a litigator, I have opened and handled a multitude of estates (probate cases) to pursue wrongful death claims.  This has given me the expertise to know how to guide clients through a probate proceeding. 

Finally, my litigation experience has given me the insight to draft documents that protect my clients – not forms out of a book or off the internet.  I include provisions in my documents that, because of my litigation experience, are unique because lawyers, who never get out of their narrow view of estate planning, are not aware of the pitfalls some of their documents can present.  I do not try to sell clients on documents they do not need.  I draft clear, understandable testamentary documents that will protect you and your heirs.  If you need estate planning beyond my expertise, I will refer you to an attorney who will give you reasonable advice.  In most cases, the documents and planning being sold in advertising you hear telling you to avoid “probate” will cost far more, and create more problems, than going through probate.  I can walk you through those alternatives.

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